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Originally Posted by biensur22 View Post
Not to be disputatious, but the price is a combination of factors, not necessarily just the quality of materials or research and design, but labor costs are probably the largest factor. Sidi and gaerne boots, bless their hearts, are still manufactured in western Europe and have to cope with enormous labor costs that the companies in Asia do not. Not that I've compared them toe to toe :) but I did work in in the shoe industry for a few years and can tell you that many companies high end shoe companies that have had their production in Europe have moved to china and Thailand (among others) to get their labor costs down. The materials are the same, and the difference in workmanship can be negligible if not nonexistent.
Good points and definitely true. Nike is a good example in the shoe world- charge the same, make more profit by reducing labor costs. I agree, but from what im reading it seems that the intro MX boots do not offer quite the same protection as the top-of-the-line stuff, but they do offer other benefits (price, weight, bulk).

The OP has an XT250, so she will prolly not be harescrambling it, and the bike itself is pretty light (less apt to break an ankle in a fall). I think the GX-1s would prolly work very well, and they fall under her budget which is good. I do think the Gaerne SG10/12 and sidi crossfires are prolly the best (my ankles hope so with my big ass DR650! )
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