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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
Thanks. You will probably be interested in this info from a VERY helpful gentleman in Sweden.

"I got your email through US Highland and will try to help you from a snowy sweden. Rollox nowadays handles the service and parts for Highland motorcycles, and most of us were part of the old swedish development and production teams. I will help you with the clutch cable but will have to dig in to our old stock for it. However, before I send anything you might find the oil filter at a regular auto shop. Our original filter is a Fram component, PH 5796, and is used in many, however mostly european cars. You find a link to a website below and there you can find some of the car brands that use this. It's been around way back since the mid nineties, so I think this is the easiest way for you. I'll get back to you on the clutch cable since that is of our own design and length. In the mean time - good luck to you!

Other things that might help you are the following.

Air filter: Honda 900 Fireblade -96.
Front sprocket: Husaberg -90-2004.
Rear sprocket: Suzuki DR 600 -96.
Front disc: Husaberg, KTM (Caliper mounts may vary, but pads are the same)
Rear disc: Yamaha YZ 250 -96 (Caliper and pads Husaberg)"

He also sent me a drawing for the cable, which I sent to Barnett, Motion Pro and Terry Cable (thanks PowerCell). Still waiting for a quote from Terry Cable.

He also sent me many engine part prints, if anyone is interested.
Hi nsx,

the clutch cable used on Husqvarna TE610 does not fit correctly, it is has a larger diameter, the length is nearly the same, so if u are used to work on motorcycles u can install it.

It would be great to get some engine part prints, I sent a pm to you regarding the mail address - thanks in advance
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