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That pic wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be- I've seen tubes come out of tires that have literally been twisted sidways and filled, with fold lines wrapping around the entire tube. These were on customer bikes where the tire had been (unknowingly) used for years, so even though scary they still (somehow) worked!

Originally Posted by Weldit View Post
I like to let the air out after seating the beads
this way the tube can relax - hopefully letting wrinkles unfold
maybe even bounce it on floor to help
then put air back in to final pressure

also I always put the tube in the tire with a small amount of air in it
this way avoiding some wrinkles and helps stop the tire irons from pinching tube
somewhere a guy showed the right amount of air was such that the tube would
just kink over one of your fingers.

I also use baby powder - will have to check if it has any corn starch ?
+5, especially on leaving a small amount of air in the tube- it helps on manual tire jobs & tire changing machines (DAMHIK) I hate pinched tubes caused by my own hands!

my dad taught me to remove the valve core to quickly deflate the tire to help line the tube up. If it's a tough tire/tube job, I'll even fill/de-air twice.

Some baby powder is corn starch (turns out talc is carcinogenic as well as a repiratory irritant) but most isn't.
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