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Glad you are online Sailah.
Just so can be confident that your input has been taken under advisement and I am doing due dilligence. I have been researching the HPN R900RR and the BMW HP2 enduro bikes for weight and braking specs. I have found weight specs on the HP2 at about 196 kg or 430lbs. I am sure the R900RR is in that area, if someone knows PLEASE chime in.
Both of those bikes use 2 piston calipers with 304mm rotors.
I am sure that playing with different diameter MCs and using the SM EBC 320mm rotor kit should give me plenty of whoa if I keep my bike under 450lb ISH....

$1750 not counting valving is a ton for me and if you take valving out of my equation, I am at $385 for a heavy spoked, 320mm braked inverted fork set up and front wheel. Right back at my original estimate of about $1400 savings and a set of forks I have raced for many years and KNOW I love the feel and action of even more than any of my WP forks on my KTMs.

Your input has definately made me continue my research and not leap forward blindly. I also will eat humble pie if not effective in the end and will give you your props. As I stated, I am like you in that I like alot of different riding places sand styles. I own 4 bikes currently and plan on other builds, so the worst that can happen is I end up with a great set of forks and brakes for some other lighter build.

I did also look at the Kawasaki KLR650 new model and older style and they both weigh in at well over 400lbs with the new one at 430lbs, both use a 270mm rotor and a 2 piston caliper. I see most people who ride those seem to love them and most people who are doing the Ninja/Versys 650 enginge swaps seem ok on the brakes. I am shooting for a bike close to that weight so I am still thinking I will be ok.

After I heal up from my surgery on last wednesday I will start more seriously at my build and start a thread.

I had to have C5-7 REfused since the first one only barely took on C5/6 and C6/7 had 2 busted Ti screws. I had a bone graft from my right pelvis ileac crest....It sucks and will be months in a C-spine collar and only lifting 3 lbs building any time soon.

Hopefull at about 3 months post surgical I will get up to about 30-40lbs lifting and can start a build since I will still have 3-6 more months of no riding no helmets....hmmm 3 months to build something cool....we will see.
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