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Anyone having any issues with their 250L's stalling for no apparent reason? I got about 800km on mine now, most of my drives this far have been mainly 30-40km's at a time,pretty much all pavement/dirt roads accessible by cars, and it will usually stall or quit at least once each outing. Mostly when stopped or slowing down to stop and once today while I was cruising along at about 50km/h, it just quit almost as if ya hit the kill switch. The bike will fire right back up no problem, just wondering if anyone else has a similar issue. I am about 99% positive it ain't my driving skills, as the wife's 250L doesn't have this issue (according to her, and I haven't noticed it the little i drove it either) May have to bring it up with the mechanic's at the dealer when it goes in for its 1st service, which I'm quite sure they will likely blame me
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