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so now that I'm back in the US, & did the cannonball run, my garage has been relocated to a nicer & warmer area.
The garage itself is smaller, altho with other rooms & outbuildings, its probably got more area.

I got this 95 Ducati from another ADV inmate, its an SP model, #379. I didnt know it was anything special, I just wanted a new toy.
Of course it wasnt running, as they are cheaper like that. It was also partially apart. He tried to charge me more, since he thought he had done 1/2 the work, by taking it apart

So I finally got some room freed up, & decided to see if it would run.
Trying to figure out what bolts & parts went where wasnt real easy, but I fingered it out ok. I finally got it to run with a gas bottle, so then I stuck the tank on, but it wouldnt run.
Turns out the fuel pump & filter were stopped up from bad gas.
I didnt know it had a pump, as its got carbs, not efi.

I had recently bought an ultrasonic cleaner for stopped up carbs, and for the hell of it, I put the fuel pump in there, & ran it thru a couple cycles. Damn thing started working again!
I dunno why I went so long without one of these handy doodads!

Runs great now, and it sure is fun to ride!
And just because I know that you guys think that all I do is tear stuff up & ruin it, heres a pic of it. Now I'm not promisin I wont tear it up & do something weird with it later......
(I think chrome upswept fishtail pipes would REALLY set it off!)

Now that the duc quacks like it should, heres my new dirtster project I picked up a year ago, & havent had time to fool with since.
First thing, remove all the crap that it doesnt need.....

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