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Originally Posted by GSWayne View Post
If you want to know if you have made a good crimp the way to test it is to pull it. It is best to test the particular wire, lug and tool you will use by pulling to destruction. In this spec in Table 12-2 are the pull specs
In general you can tell it is a good crimp by the wire breaking before it pulls out. At a more practical level, just give the wire a good tug after crimping to verify it was a good crimp.

Now you can buy the ratcheting crimp tools for about $35, which makes them reasonable for home use.
These tools work much better than the simple plier type tools.
So we've gone from trying to help a guy with a small shop project to building space ships

You don't NEED a $35 crimp tool to make good crimps.

After you crimp it tug the wire to make sure its secure.

The more expensive tools make it harder to screw it up, and for some specialized connectors/terminals are the only way to crimp them.
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