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Originally Posted by Nailhead View Post
Umm... 'cuz it's his bike & his money?

Just look the other way if it's that objectionable.
Um, er, ah, cuz, like, it's a discussion forum, and um, an oil thread to boot. I could give a crap less, other than, um, as a mechanic, I see all the time, EXPENSIVE damage from the wrong lubricants. These $15,000 bikes are just a snack compared to the shit I see, and have to tell the customer his stuff is pooched. I was trying to call attention to the irony... the correct oil spec is in the owner's manual, and most refuse to read it, or, can't understand what they DO read, and still some others see "20-40" and nothing else. Put what ever you want in there. Just don't be insulted when someone comes to buy your used stuff, and calls shananigans on your Wal-Mart Tech2000 oil... what? you won't tell them that?
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