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Originally Posted by liferider View Post
Hi mates.
Last month I have said goodbye to my mighty 640ADV 2006, and traded her for a 990.

Although I think i'm going to be happy with the new bike, it was not easy to say so long to the bike which introduced and took me into and through the long distance DualSport riding.
Since the very first day, she was gentle, tough and proud. She showed character, and was always strongly present the dirt soul of her... and I loved it. Unfortunately, I can't afford 2 bikes in the stable and I couldn't refuse a great offer for the 640.

Many many great rides, five years and 50.000Kms later, I let her go with a smile on her face.

Other aspect of this story is how I feel about the "KTM LC4 (640) Thread Index" and "KTM 640 Adventure owners, sign in please..." threads.
You guys have made me feel part of this community in an awesome way since the very begining. As I have said once or twice before along these years, It's still hard to believe how great is the general help will and the kindness of you inmates as a group. It's like meet you riding here or there... that's the spirit, that's what it's all about. Some of you may think "ok, big deal..." but the way this world is evolving... what you find here is just not usual anymore.

So... thank you guys for all your rider's friendship and help, and if I'm allowed to, I will keep myself lurking around just to see what's going on with you, your bikes and your trips. Not having a 640 anymore doesn't mean I can't go to the coffeshop to meet you anyway, does it?


congrats and good luck!

i too went bigger. bought a 950 and after a year 1/2, sold the big bike. it's heavy and big for my kind of riding.
today, i still love my 640, it has taken me to a lot of different places, see my sig line. it's my trusty steed.

true, the bike is transitional, one day most of us will all be switching to another one. mine may last longer since i have a spare 640a that i use as my parts bike.....

the most valuable element on this thread is the people - always ready to help and provide reliable info....

that's one reason i hang out here more than in any other bike specific thread. thanks to meat and contributors.

keep up the good work guys!...
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