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Originally Posted by 1greenmachine View Post
lol i deserve that and well i jumped the boat, mainly i was looking for advice, the old oil filter i'm takeing to work with me, and i'm bringing pressure guages home with me, She got the car used with 70k, and in the last year its been treated very well with timely oil changes versus before me so who knows. ialso am bringing in the drain pan to look at the stuff..

My main reason for not tearing it down is a 26* unheated garge, so i truthfully dont want to tear it down in here, and at 120k if its apart than it would be smart to replace alot of the wear stuff that might add up to being close to what a long block costs. I looked at the cams and they were good, looked down the timing side and didn't see anything either.
Hard to justify doing it yourself given what long blocks go for. I rebuild Porsche engines to pay the mortgage, but I would buy a crate motor if I needed one for my truck because the numbers just don't add up.
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