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Originally Posted by KJD19892 View Post
So sorry to interupt the gas mileage conversation but I'm needing some advice. I've been looking for a new dual sport bike because my 95 dr bit the dust a couple months ago. Today a guy came into our store and mentioned that he's wanting to sell a 95 KLR 650. 11,000 miles, its supposed to be in pretty good cosmetic shape and has new tires. I know it has a dead battery but thats not a big deal, I bet the battery off my DR would fit it actually. So my question, Buy it or no?? He's wanting 1000 but I'm sure I can get it for 800 which sounds like a good price to me. I don't like having a bike thats gonna need a lot of work though so what do I really need to watch out for on this bike? The DR had a big overhaul in 96 so used parts were nearly impossible in this area. Did KLR's have anything like this? So pretty much any advice would be great!

This is well worth reading:

I would pull the valve cover, check the valve clearances and pull the cam bearing journal caps one at a time to ensure they're still in good shape. There's some pics in this thread showing what it looks like when the journals start galling: If the cam bearing journals are showing signs of galling, repair is very expensive (requires a new head). I guess what I'm trying to say is that what initially might appear to be a good deal may not be if you need to throw a lot of money at it later.
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