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Originally Posted by DAKEZ
Practice Practice PRACTICE.

Use both and make a habit of doing a few threshold braking maneuvers each and EVERY ride.

Because when you really need it, it needs to be automatic.

It's very pleasing to execute a quick stop for a deer or somesuch, and look back on the event a few minutes later and realize you didn't even think about the brakes, you just did it.

As long as a tire is on the ground, it'll help you stop in a shorter distance. We all know that braking transfers weight off the rear and on to the front, so---
---Press hard on the rear pedal, then ease off as the weight transfers off the rear as traction decreases. A moment before stopping, press hard on the rear.
---At the same time, squeeze progressively further on the front brake as weight and traction increases on the front. A moment before stopping, ease off the front.
---Practice, practice, practice. Do this for every stop every day, with the intensity suited to the situation. Your emergency actions will be the same as your every day actions, just more of the same as needed.

Buy a bike with ABS brakes. ABS measures the traction of each coupl'a inches of pavement and gives you something like 98.5% of the maximum traction that pavement can handle.
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