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I don't know you so I could be wrong, but I don't think you need a new bike, I think you need to ride more.

When it's the ride that matters the bike becomes a means to an end IMO. Sure, the bike needs to be capable, and it should be at least a little inspiring, but when I come back home from a nice weekend of riding I hardly remember the bike. I ride a Versys by the way.

I think of it in similar terms to my track suit. It's a good suit if its forgotten the moment it's put on.

Sure I'd like a little more oomph from my Versys, and that Triumph 800XC is one sexy bitch, but like you my Versys is paid for, mostly farkled, and ready to take me anywhere I dare to try.

I'm stickin' with her for at least another season.
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