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I read bits of guy appears to have gotten a reduction in stalls by going to lower viscosity oil...and then theorized it was leanness effects and friction effects at idle......I wonder if ANYONE with a Dobek calibration modifier has richened up the idle and gotten rid of the stall issue...either with a 250R or I noticed JD Jetting sells their version of the Dobek product for 209$$.......if anyone knows it'd be Rick Ramsey!!
I was thinking the same thing about the Dobek and was planning on getting one in the future. Just worried about IF it doesn`t solve the issue, how will this affect my 1 year warranty. Bottom line, and a good point taken from that Thread is that it should be Honda`s problem to fix without us having to buy after-market solutions. My plan is to notify the dealer about the situation and go from there.....However, due to past experiences with this same dealer (we owned a 2006 civic, which was a POS to put it mildly!) we had a hard time getting any satisfaction out of them. We`ll see how the Honda Powerhouse department is. (All Hondas under one roof just different departments here in Canada) not sure if they do this in the US or elsewhere.

See the fella that started that tread with the initial problem, Honda actually offered him a brand-new bike or his money back, he took the money!!
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