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Originally Posted by SJSharkfan View Post
Black Ops 2

Campaign is 50/50 2025 and 1980"s. I liked the future missions better. I would give the campaign 6/10. Too short and the plot is weak.

Multiplayer is in the future. Some new gadgets and guns. It takes a while to get a gun that is set up the way
you like. The good news is the grenade launchers are the last things you unlock. So no more noobs running around with them and scavenger. Over all I'm liking the MP. I was getting burned out on MW3 and BO. This feels fresh for some reason. I give it a 8/10
agree except it seems very similar in MP and somehow less fun depending on which map. Most of my MW3 friends played through the campaign then played MP for a few hours and don't play it any more

Lots of hardcore BO2 people already just like any FPS......the matchmaking still sucks at times. I was playing last night and you still get mixed in with very good players.........people who had k/d ratios of 3/1 to 5/1 who were laying waste to everyone. Whenever I used to play MW3/BO with a group it was a pain because whenever someone saw 4-6 clan tags they automatically backed out of the lobby even though none of us were very good. There's a new league feature that sounded interesting as it ranks you and matches you with people of similar skill levels but for $40 I will have to pass. I'm only about 10 hours in and am still learning the maps
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