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ok...ok... jeez

so I got to Newburgh, NY finally, & spent a couple days messin with the bike, helpin others with theirs, and just gettin to know everyone.
Most of the guys were cool, some not so much (but later, even the uppity ones calmed down after a few days of riding)

So we gathered at the Motorcyclepedia museum for the grand takeoff.
This is an awesome place, its owned by the guy that has v-twin cycle, a harley aftermarket distributor, or 'taiwan ted' as he is also known.
I felt like I helped to buy at least one of the bikes in here, as much $ as I have spent with v-twin over the years.
Their wonderful parts have broken & left me stranded in russia, germany, armenia, iraq, turkey, bulgaria, russia again, etc.

Great Stuff!

anyhow, they gave us breakfast, then we all ran the gauntlet of wellwishers & hit the road

today we go from newburgh ny to wellsboro, pa. 209 miles. short day to get the feel of how things are going. I knew how my bike rode, but I was the only one that rode to the start. Some guys trailered 100 miles from their house to get here
and there were several fresh builds, with few if any break in miles. What a better way to break in a bike, right!

alot of people showed up!

I got out of the melee, & out of town, the countryside was nice. I didnt stop much & take pics, rolling farmland is ok, but not really worth stopping for.
I did pass Yasgur's farm, the sight of the great hippie uprising in '69.
There was still an awful stench in the air....

My friend Brian from Phoenix had one of the first breakdowns, so of course I stopped. He had burned a fuel line, was too close to the exhaust. no biggie, as I had a spare one & got him back on the road.

I met up with jeff, who is an awesome artist. we ended up riding together the rest of the day.

I took alot of pics at gas stops, as you will see. We always left them with oil puddles everywhere :)

This is Josh, from VA. He had emailed me about a month ago and said he wanted to do the c-ball, but didnt have a bike. But this 29 Indian was on craigslist. He wanted my advice if he should do it or not.
I said that was the dumbest idea I had ever heard of, and its EXACTLY what I would do.
So he did it.
That'll teach him to ask MY advice!

made it to Wellsboro in plenty of time.
They have a start time, depending on the class you are in.
and a finish time. They allow 4 15 minute gas stops, and an hour for lunch. I think the whole trip, I only sat down for lunch maybe twice.
At the end of the day, theres an end time. if you are 45 minutes late, you start losing points.

there were alot of people there to see us come in
My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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