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u could make a nice dual sport motor out of the crf 450x first thing id do is stroke it to 500 cc (more torque), increase the flywheel weight (smoother power) and put on a seat u can actually stand to sit on for more than 5 mins, a decent headlight, small led indicator's and tail light that dont get in the way and a larger fuel tank that would be a pretty good all rounder.

i found the 450x atm to be to snappy and uncomfortable to ride (the power of a 500cc 2 stroke is smoother) and if u are in terain where u dont want arm wrenching power u just click it up a gear) i found i could not do that on the 450 as it would near stall and with the slightest increase of throttle it was back to power band again so the 450 has alot of potential but atm its just a race bike with a colder cam.

also it be nice if u only had to change the oil every 1000+ miles
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