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Anyone I am "teaching" to ride, I've told straight up, I can get you going on a motorcycle, and you need structured motorcycle education to ride properly. I tend to get nominated to teach how to ride a lot of the people I know by virtue of I've been riding longer, and have more miles than most other people I know. I also know I am not qualified to tell people what they are doing right wrong or indifferent. For all I know I do plenty of things wrong (actually I am sure I do). With that said I use both brakes, on any bike any time. My sport bike stands right up on the front wheel with enough vigor on the lever (the rear locking up is unnoticeable when off the ground). I also ride year round so long as there is no snow or ice on the road, and regularly will do brake checks with the front or rear to get an idea current road conditions. Never been in a situation to know if it will help me or not, so I pretend that it will help.
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