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Originally Posted by Ghostyman View Post
1 : smoothly elegant : polished
2 : using few words : devoid of superfluity ;

You are not terse. Brevity is a virtue. Avoid bloviating, unnecessary parentheses, and words like "bloviating." Don't describe your writing as academic; it sounds pompous. Use fewer semi-colons.

Try to understand your writing voice. You probably do not come across the way that you think you do.

Finally, write to the intended audience. Yourself or other inmates. Your choice.
As I said, im not necessarily very good at it- good catch. Totally wrong use of the word. Semicolons are a great way to connect ideas- why remove them? I get what youre saying and im not really arguing.

I would never really describe my writing as academic- i would say technical. Does that make sense? I have been accused of being academic, and I suppose thats because my writing is more mechanical and not as emotional. Sure, I express emotion like the rest of us, but to me emotion and logic are two different things that need to have a balance.

Youre definitely right- I certainly never intend to sound superior or whatever because I know im not, but for some reason I have been accused of that here. I definitely need to think about this more. I have learned so much and enjoyed so much reading the RRs posted by others, and id like to contribute to this world in some way.
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