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Tying things on

So, I was in REI this week, a rare treat for me seeing as the nearest REI store is 2.5 hours away. While wandering aimlessly and drooling on gear I'd like to have, I spotted some inexpensive yet quite useful items that I had to buy. In the backpacking area, they sell premade webbing straps with snap buckles already sewn in place. They were around $2 for a three foot length of strap with a nice snap buckle. I bought four, these hold bags and gear in place very well and you don't have to fuss with knots or bungee cords. Next, I was looking at the climbing and tenting supplies and I found some 1/8th in nylon parachute cord for around 7-8 bucks for 50 feet. I also found a couple of cord hooks made for this cord that have an eye and a ratcheting cam. All you do is feeed the cord through the eye, pull the cord tight and the cam holds the cord in place. The hook with the loop and cam set up was around $2 each. All of this is extremely light weight, strong, and will make for a great way secure gear onto the bike without bungee cords and etc.
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