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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Ohhh no! A quacker backer?! Don't tell my brother, he goes to Oregon State! Hahaha!

Where are you at now?
I thought about leaving rude and nasty remarks but decided to be civil

Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Unfortunately. he saw the flash go off and came over to the cab in a rage, demanding me to give him my camera. I used a little slight-of-hand to remove the memory card before I got out of the car in case he decided to keep it. He launched off on some big speech about how we weren't allowed to take pictures of the police, and how we was part of the special presidential detail, etc, etc, etc,. I played dumb and told him that I didn't speak spanish. He then tried some English on me but it was obvious he didn't habla. I turned the camera on and scrolled through the pictures on the internal memory to convince him that I hadn't taken his picture (I really had, it was just on the memory card in my pocket) and eventually he came down enough from his power trip that we were able to leave.
I actually had a very similar incident yesterday not quite as dramatic though. I was taking pictures of a guy unloading a huge tank off the back of his truck in a very interesting/sketchy way. I think he didn't want to end up on youtube crushing a couple grand of equipment and told me to go away in a fairly unpleasant way.

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It's a Buell, you knucklehead.

Why does it not surprise me you have a brother with Beaver Fever?

I played flag football against Mike Riley in grade school when I was growing up in Corvallis. He had a hell of an arm even then.

Tio Juanito
Somebody in Oregon has to get a real degree.
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