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Originally Posted by chollo9 View Post
Hard to justify doing it yourself given what long blocks go for. I rebuild Porsche engines to pay the mortgage, but I would buy a crate motor if I needed one for my truck because the numbers just don't add up.
Thats what we talked about because if its out then would be smart to replace that stuff, plus if something lets go in the used head or timing stuff then the engine gets trashed, plus adding stuff up it doesn't take long to come close to the cars worth. A long block plus other needed parts add up really fast to, now my 06 chevy i would long block because its worth alot more than the cost would be.
I looked at the filter at work with the good magnifying glass and saw nothing, looked at what was left in the drain pan and didn't really see anything bad, i just overeacted because i know how hard she worked to pay off this car and for the engine to be bad would really suck. So my plan is run it for the week, then i'm gonna change to oil and filter to just see if anything is in there and then we'll run it from there, i thank you guys that have offered advice.
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