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Trailtech Dashboard troubleshooting

installed a new Trailtech Vapor and Dashboard last night - the previous owner had one installed but between the miles and broken or chafed wires I decided to make it all new. When I took possession of the bike, the Vapor was mounted, but there was no Dashboard. When exploring the wiring harness last night I found what I assume was his old hookup - the dashboard plugged right into it and after a fashion seemed to work. Left directional light works. Right directional light works. High-beam light works. Neutral light works. In my mind I think "Score!"

Here is where my little story goes sideways. When I put the bike in gear the high-beam indicator light on the dashboard goes out. In the Vapor wiring harness these two lights share a ground (I think). I know, I should have taken pictures last night. I'll try to get over to my buddy's garage and do that later today.

Additional information:
The bike has an aftermarket light/directional/horn control - my best guess is Procycle's Mini handlebar control switch, this was all done by the previous owner.

It has an interesting feature where is will kill the headlight if you wish. When the bike is in neutral, everything works as expected. With the bike in gear, the headlight kill does not work.

I'm no wiring guy, but my buddy is pretty good. As I see it, I have 3 possible areas to focus on to troubleshoot this. The Trailtech wiring harness. The Handlebar Control unit wiring. OR the neutral sensor switch (whatever t iis really called).

Has anyone dealt with anything like this before, or have ideas or thoughts on troubleshooting this?

Thanks in advance
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