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Originally Posted by The Recycled Teenager View Post
Well we could call you crazy if you want us too
But although I try to remember to turn mine of after riding us, old farts sometimes forget
So it can be an issue even if you think you are conscientious about that little old gas tap

Not remembering to shut the petcock off is just like forgetting your wife's birthday. Think of it that way... They both can cost you a lot of money. Treat this issue just like you did 2 stroke fuel taps in the 60/70s. If you make it a habit just like taking out the key it helps. I do the same thing when I start up the bike....habitturn it back ON. If you have a furnace in your garage you do not want gas on the floor under your bike. Friend of mine lost his garage ,tools, and 5 vintage Bultacos making that mistake one time.
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