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Originally Posted by Geology Rocks View Post
Dallara: those pictures are awesome. Thanks for posting them! The wheelchair thing sucks but at least I am alive. :) I plan on buying either a carbonfiber cane or one that breaks down real small so it fits in a pannier or tank bag when that time comes. :) i bet i could find a carbonfiber one hat breaks down small...hrmmm....what do you have? Recommendations?

I gotta' tell ya'... With my hip issues I spent years on canes, and I still need one more than I like to admit. I went through a *LOT* of different brands, styles, designs, etc. canes, and if there was one thing I learned it's that very few medical folks know much about actually walking on, or living with, a cane!

The best people I found for recommendations of canes that actually worked for me were from folks who actually *USED* canes day-in and day-out. Seek out those folks and listen to them. The only caveat I can add there is make sure they've actually tried a few and didn't just accept the first one recommended to them by their PT.

Personally, I have never found any sort of "folding" or "break-down" cane I liked. No matter how long or tight the jonts were they never felt stout or robust enough for extended use, and no matter how well the "break-down" method was there were always times it didn't work like it was supposed to, leaving you to fiddle and futz with it... Needless to say this kind of thing always happened when you least needed it to, or you needed the cane in a friggin' big hurry.

In the end, after trying dozens of canes, I ended up with only one that worked for me - the Ultralite Cane:

Earlier I said it was "carbon fiber", but looking on their web site I see I was mistaken... They are made out of "graphite fiber". Doesn't really matter. Whatever it is it is damn stiff, yet it has just the right tiny amount of flex you actually need for changing surfaces and angles of surfaces. These canes are insanely lightweight, yet far stronger than most any other cane I found. They are also super slender, and if you look carefully you'll see that, from a design standpoint, they are one of the few canes whose shaft actually tapers the correct way - i.e. thin at the top with the tube widening toward the bottom. If you ever get one you will immediately see how this is far superior to anything else out there.

These canes also have the very best rubber tip of any cane I found. I don't know where the guy gets 'em, but his tips have much better grip and foot flexibility than any others I tried, yet they wear like iron. Sure, it looks like many other tips, but once you try one you'll see what I mean.

But the very best part of the these canes is the grip. So many canes have what may *look* like a comfortable handle, but few actually do. It almost like they designed them more for appearance than actual use. The folks at Ultralite canes however seem to have actually done some research on using a cane's grip. It fits perfectly in your hand, and you can use it comfortably all day. And oddly enough, despite it perhaps not appearing as such, you can actually *reverse* the grip and it seems to work as well.

These canes are incredible tough, too... I've had two. The first one I had for years, and it was working perfectly... Probably would have lasted a lifetime, but then I tried to shut a car trunk with my cane sticking out and *CRACK*, I fractured the shaft. It wasn't the cane's fault, and no cane I know of could have survived the same mishap. That was another great thing about Ultralitre canes. I called them and told them of the mishap and they had another one in my hands super quick.

Last but certainly not least, the price on these canes is unbelievably reasonable, particularly after you get one in your hands and see how incredibly well made they are.

Note, I don't work for, nor am I affiliated with the Ultralite cane folks in any way, that is other than a sincerely satisfied customer. I recommend their products highly.

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