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day 3, Sandusky, OH to Milwaukee, WI, 300 miles

I had pulled the mag cap off last night, hoping it would dry out during the night. I was up at dawn working on it, everything seems fine, & looked dry.
Today was gonna suck, as we have to take a ferry boat across lake michigan, and HAVE to be there by 3:30, no exceptions.
If you are lagging behind, you have to get in the trailer. If you miss the ferry, you are screwed.
I dunno why they wouldnt let us leave early this morning, but I was hoping for the best.

About 20 miles down the road, the bike started running on one cylinder.
I pulled over, a plug wire had come loose, no biggie. I fixed it, bike wouldnt start.
yep, still water in the mag. There was water sitting inside at the bottom, and the heat from the motor musta been turning it into steam, which rises, gets onto the rotor button, & makes it hard to start.

ok, another day of not shutting the bike off I guess....

I got a ways down the road, gassed up & kept going. it started running bad again, so I stopped to wipe out the mag.
Got it started, another 20 miles, same deal.
the sweep trucks are right behind me. they say I wont make it to the ferry if I have to keep doing this.
I hate it, but they are right. So, again, I load it into a truck. At least I will make the ferry!

Joe was working on his BMW, its such a cool bike. one of the valve tappets broke, but he was able to get it going again. I really thought the BMW's would do the trip without any problems. those old ones are great bikes, smooth & pretty fast. Another BMW kept blowing head gaskets, finally they put 2 gaskets on, & the problem stopped.
While we were here, another ADV guy found me from my spot tracker.
that thing is dangerous!

We came up on a wreck, Bill, on a Harley JD had a small suv turn in front of him, & he hit the side. He was a bit bruised up, but seemed ok, but went to the hospital to make sure. I took pics of the bike, but I cant find them....
the front end was like a pretzel, fender mangled, hole punched in the tank.

Bill met us in Milwaukee, stayed up all nite, borrowed a front end, JB welded the hole in the tank, & back on the road the next morning. He had to have other people start his bike for a couple days, as his whole thigh was a big bruise.
I have alot of respect for him.

We also stopped for another guy along the road, hid chain broke, and his master link was in his chase truck (chase trucks are not allowed to stop and help during the day, and are sent on a different route than the bikes)
Anyone else can help, another rider, a passerby, or anyone but your crew.
Well, I had a link, & Jim, who I was riding with had a link. But neither would fit his chain. But, with a file, and parts from the 2 links, I modified enough parts to get him back on the road. Of course a hammer was needed also....
We followed him to the ferry, to make sure he made it ok.

This is Buck, on a 20's BSA, as you see, they had us routed on yet ANOTHER interstate today. This one wasnt as bad, but still, the people were driving too fast, and we saw Buck almost get run over, so we got behind him.

we got to the boat in time, it was a 4 hour ride across the lake.

several of the Indian riders, Jeff, Josh, Steve & Marcin

Mr Helpful, Joe Sparrow

We got to the other side, and Jim's 25 Indian had broken something in the throttle, so we unloaded my bike, & loaded his. I'd left the mag cap off all day, & it fired right up. I missed the police escorted parade to the harley factory, so I asked a guy how to get there, he said 'follow me' & we took off.

I had some milwaukee beauty queen pull up next to me as we rode thru town & holler 'get out of the left lane asshole!' (we were fixin to turn left)
so I hollered back 'Alright BITCH!'
she was not pleased. hahaha

The museum parking lot was packed with people. I saw several friends of mine, & met alot of people who knew who I was. This has happened at almost every stop. I always try to talk to everyone, but sometimes there is just too much going on, so if you stopped to say hi, and I was busy, I apologize.

They had free food, so I figured anytime I can get something free outta harley, I should take advantage of it.

people worked into the night on the bikes. Mine was doing ok, so I just hoped the mag would stay dry.

Marcin was trying to get his indian back on the road

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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