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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post

The point of telling her not to use it during normal stops is because during an emergency brake, it is very hard to feather the rear brake and not lock it up and by not using it everyday, she won't slam down on it during an emergency brake out of habit.

So what is your opinion on this matter on teaching beginners about braking?

Personally, I very rarely use the rear brake.
You asked for opinions then you try and sway us towards your line of thinking.
The rear brakes there for a reason. Use it! Why do you think its easier to not lock the front brake verses the rear brake in an emergency?
Learn to use both, then every ride, find a deserted stretch of road and progressively use more and more pressure on the grip/pedal until she eventually learns where the brakes lockup(threshold braking).
Then, each ride, practice that threshold braking. Learn it BEFORE you need it.

Originally Posted by hajime View Post
I dropped my the bike while I was using a loaner for my beginner MSF course, because my hubby told me not to use the rear brake... I was kind of mad at him. Illogical, but sometimes us women folk are that way.
Nothing illogical about being mad at getting bad information that can hurt you or worse.

Originally Posted by PeterW View Post

Get her a bike with ABS - then it doesn't matter if she locks the rear, she can just stomp on the damned thing and not worry about whether it locks up after that or not.

We already know she's not some God like rider who can stop the bike by biting the front wheel with her teeth - what the OP is worried about is her being able to stop quickly without dropping the bike - and I'm sorry, but that's what ABS will buy for an inexperienced rider.

I think swapping out bikes to give her a crutch is
1: Expensive
2: Unrealistic

He's not worried about her locking up the rear because shes not using it as per his instructions.
What if after a year or two she want's a non ABS bike. She will either have a painful learning experience or will revert back to "front brake only" mode.
Every beginner goes thru the same learning process and there are thousands of happy beginners on non-ABS bikes...without issues.

Disclaimer: Yeah, you can stop only using the front brake. You can stop only using the back brake. But in an "emergency situation" you need both to stop in the shortest amount of space.
Hell, I sometimes only use one brake but most of the time I use both. Advanced riding techniques are for advanced riders, not beginners.
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