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I provided some testimony to local politicians who were actually trying to ban sale of the product after the TX shooting.

My point to them was that this was essentially a proprietary system marketed by FN with ballistic characteristics similar to many other rounds. As a result of being relatively expensive and being overlapped by many other products, there was unlikely to be any particular public safety concern. For example, the .22 Winchester Magnum (rimfire) has a max of around 320 ft lbs of energy compared to up to 400 ft lbs for the 5.7 and 420 for the 9mmP.

It's also true that as a result of those factors, it may be a bit of a rare bird and even collectible. I have a Smith & Wesson 1006 chambered in 10mm ACP that I shoot just for the fun of it. That round has some crazy ballistics: energy of 650 to 750 ft lbs.
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