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Wish Toyota Would Make Another Tercel Type 4wd Wagon

Bought one of these new back in 1984, cheap, reliable great gas mileage (35 MPG highway).

Only options I bought were A/C and radio. Cost next to nothing back then, and you couldn't kill it. Had a primitive 4wd system, owners manual said not to use it on hard surfaces, but it was on the fly so easy to put in or out for gravel, snow, rain, etc. Not very powerful, 1450cc engine, but you could speed with no problem.

Small and light, but would go through a couple of feet of snow, and even used it on sand dunes.

Body died long before the power train, which had a couple of hundred thousand miles on it.

Wish they'd build another small, light, and cheap 4wd wagon like that.
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