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Originally Posted by aviatorbdm View Post
Well I don't fault your bro.... some folks in Oregon have to support cowtown. ;) Even though a Duck I cheer on all the Oregon schools. Actually going to the OSU/PSU basketball game tonight, taking my son and his basketball team thanks to some free tickets. I'll try to bite my tongue though given who is coaching OSU...

I'm in Wilsonville. Hopefully can meet you for a ride when your back in Oregon.
I'm not a fan of the coach (or his relatives)... But I am a OSU student.

Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Nice! I'm thinking about getting a DR650 when I get back and my brother finally pays me the rest of his share for the XR650L that I'm currently riding.

I love the KTM's, and I think I would prefer getting one of those, but I don't think I'll have the money after this little adventure.
If he doesn't pay up for the XR I'll buy some parts off of it! haha

KTM's look like nice bikes, but I would be too afraid of dropping it to really enjoy one offroad. Plus that unicorn blood and baby seal tears are expensive!
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