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Vintage Motor Scooter Battery Charging and options

Working on trouble shooting a 1950's motor scooter which has a 6V system. I was finally able to locate a 6V, 11AH Battery which fits the factory specifications and bracket. Unfortunately it's the old style non-sealed lead acid battery with filler caps and vent hose. I have a 6V/12V charger/maintainer although don't feel comfortable sticking the battery under the bench with filler caps off allowing fumes to constantly escape during the charging process in my shop.

I was in hopes of finding a sealed unit to avoid this, I did find a 12AH sealed battery which could be installed although the bracket would need to be modified. Oddly enough, all the sealed units I've found in this AH size have what I feel are lightweight spade terminals or a built-in wiring harness with approximately 10 ga. wiring. I'm no electrician although question if the terminals or lighter wiring are sufficient for the scooter's electrical system. The scooter's factory battery cables are very heavy, about 7/8 the size of automobile battery cables.

Has anyone any thoughts on this?
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