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Should I, or shouldn't I?

Hi there,

Hello fellow bloggers, hope this post is in the right place.

I need advice from the enlightened LC4 fetishist's.

I have a 1999 LC4 400D (UK) and use it for commuting and off roading. I have had the bike for 2 years now and have increased the mileage from 6500 miles in april 2010 to just under 15000 miles this week.


I am very particular about oil changes and have been using 10-40w semi synthetic with an interval of 1000 miles. Over the last 2 years and 8500 miles the oil changes have generated less and less swarf and shiny broken fragments to now where there is only a dusting of metal filings and a few chrome looking tiny slivers like glitter.

The reason for this thread, well something has changed in the engine. The sound is different, there is more top end clatter. The motor pulls strong and revs freely. I am concerned that something has begun to happen, and want to catch it before it gets expensive.

This engine has never been apart, it has the old style bearing still in there.

Here are some photos of the internals.


The inside of the top oil pump.Untitled

The rotor.Untitled

The other rotor thing.Untitled

The bearing retainer inner edge. Untitled

And the old style bearing.

Everything looks nice and new. The bearing feels tight, and spins freely.

Should I replace that bearing with the new style one. I have the parts sat waiting, but cant see any point if the old one is good.

Secondly, should I take the top end apart, the clatter must come from there. How far should I tear it down. Just the lid off. I need to take the water pump out and sort this little problem.

Change your coolant. I reckon this is the original coolant. loops!

Hopefully there will not be any major issues, and the noise is just the engine maturing.

Any advice is very welcome. I would describe myself as a competent home mechanic. I have none of the specialist tools.

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