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I have one of them,an 83. Used as an ATV to move my firewood/rocks/gravel/lumber and skidding rather big logs. Strictly offroad now altough I had it plated a few years back. Have I ever beaten the crap out of it for the last 10 years. 387,000 Kms on what looks like the original motor.

Just did an oil change on it, tought it was needed after 10 years, and refilled it with slightly used BMW motorcycle oil.

Wouldn't climb the hills last summer, fuel filter was plugged from all the old gas I dump in it. Another $2.00 easy fix.

Don't leave boxes of Kleenexes inside, mouse may crawl in and make a heck of a mess. That's OK, was well overdue for a few minutes of ShopVac work.

Full set of chains on....winch in the back,that thing will crawl up the face of a goat.

If I had a little more time I'd install a snowplow on it. Will depend on how much pushing the snowblower for hours will piss me off this winter.

Best $500.00 I ever spent, should take it to the neighbor today and refill the water jugs. Just nother 900 lbs load and lots less than I have loaded in it before.
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