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[IMG][*]Scooter sales
The average Bintelli Dealership sells 150 scooters per year. Given the demographics of Naperville and in spite of the cold weather we experience a few months of the year, I anticipate Naperville Scooters to be far more than an average dealership. Their more active dealerships are currently selling 300+ scooters per year, and this would be my target volume in the second year.
[/B]The average Bintelli dealership does about $50K in revenues per year in the service center. The larger ones do more than double those numbers. Again, I don't expect Naperville Scooters to be an average dealership.
When you consider that Bintelli has not been around a year, those are great statistics. Between these figures and the generous warranty reimbursement Bintelli pays, which works out to about $8 an hour if your mechanic is on crystal meth, you should be making money hand over fist.
If you sell Chinese scooters, you want to either have a company that offers no warranty support, so you can charge for everything that breaks, or that pays a realistic warranty reimbursement rate. Even at $70 an hour, when you go by the flat rates the manufacturers pay (anything that takes a professional technician with 10 years experience an hour can be done by the guys the manufacturer hires to set flat rates in 20 minutes), you barely break even doing warranty work. When you sell something that is going to break down a lot more than a Honda, you are going to go broke being reimbursed $15 to replace the head OR wiring harness on a QMB139 scooter. (from the Bintelli dealer packet we received on 5/15/12). Ask anyone who has any professional experience working on scooters how long it takes to R&R the head on one of these (and you do replace a lot, even on Znen products.)

This is the Flat Rate guide we received from Bintelli-

Motor Scooter Flat Rate Guide for Major Repairs
Carburetor Replacement $6.00
Stator / Magneto Replacement $12.00
Head Replacement $15.00
Valve Replacement $15.00
Cylinder Replacement $18.00
Piston / Ring Replacement $18.00
Starter Motor Replacement $6.00
Exhaust Replacement $6.00
Variator / Clutch Replacement $9.00
Complete Engine Replacement $24.00
Wire Harness Replacement $15.00
Headlight Assembly Replacement $6.00
Tail Light Assembly Replacement $6.00
Brake Caliper Replacement $6.00
Brake Line Replacement $6.00
Master Cylinder Replacement $6.00
Complete Brake Replacement $9.00
Throttle Cable Replacement $6.00

Professional Technicians, feel free to chime in...
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