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Originally Posted by Tinker1980 View Post
But my all time favorite was years ago, on my little Ex500. Decked out in full gear, with my long wavy hair tied up and reaching almost to the seat, a carload of little douchebags in an Integra roll up next to me and the driver rolls down his window and says "hey babe, nice bike". To which I flip the front of my modular helmet up, showing my bearded craggy and very un-female face and say "Thanks!"
That reminds me of one from last summer:

It's about 110 F outside, and I pull into a parking spot wearing full ATGATT, all black.

Woman getting out of an air conditioned car: "Aren't you hot?"
Me taking off my helmet: "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself."

Got a little laugh out of her. Thank goodness that's all it got out of her, or my wife would have killed me.
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