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Originally Posted by Syncrosimon View Post
Thanks for the reply,

Valves checked 3000 miles ago. Needed little or no adjustment.

I think you are right, I will have to take the lid off and see what is under there.

Is taking the rocker cover off easier with the engine out? Or can it be done safely left in site?

You can remove the rocker cover with the engine in the frame. Just takes a bit more work, but not much.

There is plenty of details on this site about doing the job. At 15,000 miles, I wouldn't even bother about checking, just replace the inlet cam bearing. They can go to shit VERY quickly (mine went in a just over 700 kms and caused a large amount of damage).

Have a look in the index at some of creepers threads about sealing the rocker cover and also about a bolt that can make it look like your cover is leaking).

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