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I'ts half a soda can high. Nicely beaded and riveted. Two of them will fit in a creme de Pirouline or similar sized tea leaf can. (Piroulines are the thin rolled wafer cookies filled with chocolate.)

I have both of the alcohol burners. I've used a 1 cup Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Expresso pot with both. Found out that the 12 holer is way too hot, burned the handle. The 6 hole one was just right for the little pot. The little bit of Heet in one of those cans puts out an amazing amount of useful cooking heat.

Went to ebay and picked up a couple aluminum Sterno stoves... I got the aluminum ones. Both Sterno cans (really only good for warming) and the super dooper alcohol stove Shady Rascal makes fit just fine. I also carry Heet in an aluminum water bottle, almost two cans of Heet will fit, saves a bit of space.

While you can use a tin can with air holes to put pots on while cooking ( with alcohol stove inside), I'm too uncoordinated and prefer a larger area to plop a pot on.

Make sure you bring a couple of pot holders. Saves on the burnt fingers...
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