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KTM Steering Damper

Originally Posted by Cactus Dave View Post
Stock seat isn't bad. A little soft perhaps, but on the TAT, you'll spend plenty of time standing, and when you want to sit, you'll be too tired to be particular. I have a Renazco now, and it is the shizzle. But, you'd better place your order now for June 2013. I'd be more concerned about planning your gas stops than I would the stock seat. And, add a steering damper. You'll thank me in the deep sand washes and the long sandy sections. I made the conscious decision to not install one, and I regreted it. The 990R is a big ol' girl, and in the sand, you really need to keep the speed up and stay on top. As a result, like any bike, she'll want to dance. Difference is she ain't an XR650R or a KTM530 dancin'. She's a 500 lb monster that is a real handful when she gets a mind of her own. You still have to stay atop the situation, but at least a damper will reduce the effort somewhat, and it will definitely take the violent snaps out of the equation. You'll be able to dial it back completely when you want to pick your way thru the rock gardens such as Black Dragon Canyon in Utah - a beautiful, horrid place that started out fun and ultimately kicked my ass.
This is vey helpful. I have a YZ 450 and riding the sand in Florida kicks my ass. I can't imagine what its like riding the 990 on sand for extended periods. Ill definetly take you up on your advice.
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