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Hey me again.

Side commentary for a minute... You know anyone in the military? Any of you guys? Well, for what it's worth, some of the shit we are required to do is so FREAKIN stupid!!! Our exercises and inspections are nothing but a bunch of bullshit! I've spent the last few weeks in and out of getting ready for our huge inspection and let me just say, we're totally out of our minds. Why do we do what we do? Now don't get me wrong, when we actually have to go to war and get a job done, we always do well. But when it comes to exercises and inspections... we're out of our minds. It feels like we write rules about rules some times. We waste sooooo much time and money on this crap, when it could be better spent on the guys over in the sandbox. Why do we have to practice this stuff anyway, when we are actually over there doing it? Arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

P.S. please don't put me in the basement because I got a little political. Just think of it as you letting a military guy blow off a little steam. OK, I'm better now... even though I'll never get those few weeks of my life back, EVER! Argh.

So, I made it passed the big bad mountain passes of Montana and had set wheels down in Wyoming. Time to get back headed in the right direction... AND finish this damn trip report.
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