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Originally Posted by oppozit View Post
Before you go spending a lot of time and money developing shocks for Urals (and Dneprs) be aware that Ural owners are "frugal" (tight as a fish's arsehole). Read this post on SS
Unless your shocks come in at $150 each, you won't find much of a market.
Yep, that describes me to a T. But I'm not frugal, I'm just flat out broke most of the time.

Making stuff for the Ural is making something for a fringe market. A market, like what you said, that generally doesn't come across as being open to dropping thousands of dollars for motorcycle stuff.

I'll use myself as an example - I'm generally broke and don't have a lot of expendable income. I'm coming into some money and that's how I'm going to be able to get my Ural. But after that, while I'll be able to keep up with what needs to be done to the bike (maintenance, etc.), I'm not going to have the cash to drop on high end shocks or other high end mods (that recent pop top thing that someone made that's around $1000 comes to mind as well).

I think the other thing along with the frugal angle is that the Urals are DIY bikes. Most of the people that I've been following over the years with their bikes tend to make their own stuff or modify stuff to fit. Most people don't seem to be concerned with the outward appearance of the bikes, they want them practical (hence the word "wash" being a bad word on Soviet Steeds). I plan on being the same way - I'm going to make do with the stock set up and when I can, I'm going to do my own mods to it.

I'm not knocking the company or anyone else who wants to make stuff for the Ural, it's a good thing. It's just that many of the things that I see that are somewhat interesting also tend to be fairly expensive and out of my reach (and probably several others).

Just me mind you
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