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Congratulations Spun_Cookie, if it is not already there consider registering the serial number on Totalruckus here:
Honda does not release sales information but it is clear there were less than 2500 Big Ruckus imported to the USA and Canada. The only other market it was sold in was Japan and those owners have not established a database so they have no idea how many were sold.
Take a whiff of the gas in your new Big Ruckus, if it smells more like varnish replace the fuel. If the gas doesn't smell rotten try some Seafoam in a couple of tanks, that stuff seems to work on minor issues.
Many owners have observed the Big Ruckus has a pronounced flat spot off idle, one cure being lighter rollers which allow the engine to easily rev past the flat spot and get some rpm into accelerating. The OEM 156G rollers act like a governor and keep the engine in the RPM range where the sluggish response is worst. Install six 21G Honda Reflex Rollers (buy 2 sets), or Dr Pulley sliders and that will wake up the throttle response. Easy mod, info here:
You'll need to make or borrow a special tool to service the Variator, about $10 at Home Depot.
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