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Originally Posted by jsmithy View Post
The higher MPGs in the mountains is due to the lower air resistance from the thinner air. I've experienced the same even in a car. Once you get above 5,000 or 6,000 feet, it becomes noticeable.

Are these bikes reliable even at 20+ years old? Assuming they have been taken care of.
I've ridden in West Virgina and N.C. in the mountains and gotten better mileage also. If someone keeps the carbs from gumming up and replace things that are rubber like hoses you can avoid most issues. After even 10 years or so electrical gremlins can cause problems in wire harnesses and connections on any motorcycle. Many people have gotten over 100 K with minimal maintenence on their PCs. If a PC was babied and well taken care of, 200K would be possible. I haven't heard of many people having problems with exhaust or radiators yet but wouldn't be surprised if those start being issues with the older bikes. Time is our biggest enemy.
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