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Panajachel and Lake Boat tour

Got to Pana and as with most tourist towns you have to deal with the vendors and kids asking for money. One little guy came up to me and asked to shine my shoes. I was wearing flip flops sooooo...

The he just asked for money. I said no but told him he could shine my moto boots the next day. Told him to meet me at the same spot tomorrow. We never set a time but I figured I'd run into him. Then about ten minutes later I feel a different little kid tap me on the arm. He has kid number one in tow. "He ask me what time tomorrow?" The ABC's(Always Be Closing) of sales! I like it and say you know what meet at the spot at 3 today and you can bot shine my boots then.

These too little dudes worked way harder than I expected and my boots looked great at the end of it. We all laughed and had a good time. The older one was teaching the younger guy and they kept switching boots.

I like this pic because the kids are smiling

Pictures don't do it justice but my boots looked great!

As a tip for their hard work my friend bought them two large OJ's and I got a plate of papa's fritas. They were stoked!! Saw them a couple more times during our two days there and they were all smiles and waves. Its a different world and life to truly work your whole life. I mean these kids are out hustling for money on their own at the age of 5. It was great to laugh with them and give them a snack for a treat. The food is theirs and was gone before they got home. They dont need to share that with whomever gets the money they made. Its a tough life but kids still smile and laugh even as they are trying to make a living.

Lake tour pics. We did a 3 stop boat tour tour of Lake Atitlan. It was cool but lots of vendors to deal with and people selling stuff.

My life is very hard
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Traditional boat and a person doing laundry

Market at Santiago

Not a lot to these boats. Amazing that they even floated! Even more amazing that each one of these is chained and locked up.

Indian face in the mountain. Take a pic and then turn it 90

After a couple of days in Pana back to Guat City for a night to get my friend to the airport in the am. Also have planned to have dinner and drinks with Jose. I will be leaving Guat in the am heading for Copan Ruins.
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