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Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
Good review and congrats on the bike! Sometimes it's good to get outside your comfort zone a bit and try something new, and obviously there was "something" about the big VFR that grabbed you, and that was sort of obvious in your first post. If it matters, I think it's a pretty cool looking bike, and at least looks distinctive. Frankly I don't like the "transformer" styling direction of any of the new BMW's, and think they're trying to corner the market in ugly motorcycles. For $8k I don't see how you go wrong with this machine, and I agree that from what I've seen the fit and finish of the VFR1200 is the best I've seen on any motorcycle, and equal to my HP2 Sport. A new K1300S will depreciate in two years what this bike cost you. You could probably ride it for five or six years and I'd be surprised if it depreciates more than $3k. Enjoy it!
Thanks very much, and you're right: it was one of those bikes that really caught me off guard when I rode it, and I was distrustful of my first reaction to it for many reasons...not the least of which was because of wondering how I could enjoy a bike so well that has been so universally maligned. Answer? No idea. I just did.

I'm planning to keep this bike for a long while - even if there are things that end up not being great about it. Upcoming college expenses for three kids in a row will dictate that.

FWIW, the HP2 Sport is, to me, one of the most fantastic combinations of beauty, engineering and attention to detail I've ever seen. Absolutely one of the bikes I hope ride someday. Congrats on owning one!
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