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Are you sure all of those are because of your riding?
Or that they even happen when you're anywhere near your bike?

...and I get that last one all the time...NOT!

Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
Now that it's winter, I'm getting the same two predictable questions nearly every day:

"You're not riding today... are you?" and/or "Are you stupid?"

I'm also getting a few more general comments, rather than questions. To summarize:

"You're stupid."

"You're crazy."

"You're a complete idiot."

"I think you ate too many paint chips as a kid."

"You need to have a mental health exam."

"I think your awesome devotion to riding every day is just smoking hot." (Always said by an equally smoking hot young lady.)

Okay, I lied about that last one. Smoking hot women don't talk to me.
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