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San Francisco, California - Savanna, Georgia (Tybee Island).
I have arrived! The east coast is at my feet. I stood in the mighty Atlantic and jumped for joy. Todays ride was a tough one and a fitting end to the first leg of this trip.
I started near Atlanta and managed to turn a 4.5 hour ride into an 8.5 hour ride. I took back roads and scenic byways through rural Georgia. I stopped a lot to take pictures and to chat with people. The challenge came mid ride as the rain started falling. It was a light rain through the back roads and then darkness fell upon the state of Georgia. I was still 2.5 hours out from Savanna. I decided to get off the back roads and get on the main highway as it was night and I couldnt see the sights anyways. I was starting to get wet through my many layers, so I picked up the pace and headed due East. I passed a police officer as he was going the opposite direction. I was speeding, not too much but defiantly speeding. He didnt turn around and I kept up the pace. I was actually so wet and cold it was hard to make adjustments. About 5 minutes up the road I see a car doing a U turn and it looked as if he was going to hit me? It turns out it was another cop and he was on my tail. He pulled me over, and luckily it stopped raining for 5 minutes. He asked the regular questions and I answered yes sir, no sir, my apologies sir. He told me he that the other officer called him to get me, because I flew past him and he couldnt catch up? I apologized again. He stated he was worried about me, he said this over and over. "Its raining and I dont want you to get hurt". He said he understands the speeding as he also rides, but asked me to please slow down and ride safe. I told him I was hearing him loud and clear. He let me off and I thanked him for his concern and leeway. It was another 2 hours of wet and wild riding. I kept it around the speed limit, but that puts big rigs and other cars all over me. The rain was insane and the spray from the trucks was incredible. I would get caught in a flurry of wind rain and spray from the trucks, it was actually quite dangerous and I kept thinking only one more hour?
Normally i would have stopped earlier but I was thinking in terms of 3,000 miles down a mere 50 more to go. I was so soaked that I did not want to get off the bike at all. Not for gas, directions not anything but a warm dry room. I had one stop left in me. I felt like if I got off the bike I wouldnt be able to get back on, too wet and cold.
I was supposed to meet someone in Savanna and they were going to let me sleep at their house tonight, I was to cold and wet to find their number. Like I said I had the energy for one stop only. I rode around Savanna in the pouring rain looking for the cheap hotel district? Savanna is very quaint and all decked out for the Holidays, but its not on the Atlantic! Tybee Island is, and its 15 more miles! Well I havent gotten off the bike yet, so I ride on towards Tybee Island. I see a hotel claiming to be the only one in town on the beach. Thats what im looking for. I am dis oriented so I really cant tell where the beach is. I walk in and im dripping water all over the office. I take off my gloves and water is pouring out onto the floor. I apologize to the clerk and ask pleeeaaase do you have a room that I can afford. At this point my budget is out the window ill pay top dollar to get out of these clothes, ive allready passed up the free room that I had arranged.
Im in luck the room is $69 bucks, it is actually a great hotel. Really nice amenities, right on the beach, super clean and it has a bathtub! That is the first thing I did after peeling off all my wet clothes was take a long hot bath. Soap, shampoo, conditioner... Im talking one of those deluxe washin ups.
I then ran down to the beach snapped some shots in the rain. Touched the Atlantic, jumped around in circles and ran back to my cozy, private, over sized room. I am so snug right now. I am on the Atlantic, and in sea turtle country. Im not sure how im going to get these clothes dry for tomorrow, but tonight I am snug as a bug in a rug.
Life is good, I can do anything I want, and I will.

The Atlantic Ocean. Tybee Island, Georgia. 12/12/12

The Atlantic Ocean. Tybee Island, Georgia. 12/12/12
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