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Originally Posted by RZRob View Post
OK, I admit I must be stupid. I'm definitely frustrated. I've spent ridiculous amounts of money and embarrassing amounts of time and have yet to crack the nut and successfully (consistently) take a route I've created in Google Maps and import it into my Garmin Zumo 450.

Shame on Garmin for not posting this process. I've seen lots of tips requiring shareware but this doesn't seem acceptable. I've got BaseCamp, Topo, DeLorme and every other program that's on the market. The only thing I'm missing is the brain required to make good of it.

The last thing I read said to 'create a profile in Google Maps'. Heck, I'm so stupid I can't even do that. It's a wonder I can even spell GPS.

If someone's figured this out, post it here and I'll name my next adopted pet after you. Of course I'm considering taking the sledge hammer to all my Garmin products.


RZ Rob
Did you ever get your gps to route issue worked out? If not, let me know and I will help you. I have gone through alot of frustration as well and just about gave up using a gps altogether. However, I have an easier way that I have not seen posted here. I have spent countless hours working with buggy software and website apps that simply don't work or require too many steps. I finally found a process that works for me.

I'm referred to as the Cartographer on some forums. I'm by no means a gps expert, but I have a learned quite a bit over the years with creating routes from a single webpage that allows me to send the route directly to my gps ( read this as not requiring any additional steps like google maps to takitwithme to gps ).

I'd be more than happy to help.
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