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Originally Posted by kevinj View Post
My question : what's the smallest size pot that can be used efficiently (meaning most of the head of the flame is absorbed by the pot, rather than flying away to heat up outer space)?

Also, what are the dimensions? When you say it packs easily, you just mean it's small, right? It doesn't look like it collapses.

The stove dimensions are 2.375" diameter, and height is 2.1" to 2.25" depending on how my stove making kung fu is on any particular night.

I often times use a large tin coffee cup on mine, it is 4" in diameter, and works very well. You can just plop an open can of chili or whatever on it too, and though it loses some efficiency from the flames being more outside of the can, it still works. Again, especially in that case, a shield for wind protection is important, even if the air outside feels very still. You'll need some way to pick your can up off of there however without burning yourself or spilling your beans.
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