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Winston's Memoirs


The butterflies were on steroids


Winston dreamed of beaches & landing fields


The rider dreamed of a clean shift to second


Winstons bark became a roar


Meet Team Winston

Trustme , Sue , who is way more trustworthy, Rebecca, the photog

& Winston

Winston is a 1976 Triumph Bonneville, I bought him as a basket case some years ago . The motor was supposed to be rebuilt & all the bits were there. [ sound familiar ]
I intended to put him back on the road but somehow could never get enthused so he sat in the corner of the garage for a few years, tinkered with but never really given full attention.

I'd always hankered to have a go on a racetrack & in a weak moment Sue said ' Why don't you '. Leave pass was granted .

An adventure began.

Adventures are a journey into the unknown & I sure as hell knew nothing about racing, so I looked around for a bike , I did not really consider Winston & then I thought ' hell, why not '

I'm partial to flat trackers so I figured while I would never win , I might as well look styley losing

Stuff came off , stuff went on thanks to, & Cycle Torque

Work in progress

We had a few false starts at Puke while testing, The clutch needed input from Volty & Motu as did setting up the timing

I did a bit of this

Thank god for willing pushers/mugs

Finally the big day at Puke, somehow Volty & I teamed up, it was the blind leading the blind, neither of us had raced, neither had a clue

'Ummm is that the gear lever '

'Wheres the bloody kill switch '

As innocents abroad we went looking for grid placings.

The print out had lots of names with lots of figures

Trevor 107
Jim 97
Florence 98
Zebedee 102

Not a mention of Volty or Trustme. We were crest fallen, ' Bugger me! we did not even qualify '

Ya Plonkers those are noise readings

Wahoo , we won , we won.

Winston ran pretty good through practice Friday & early Saturday. On the first lap of the first race , he turned decidedly sad at the hairpin & ran only ran on one cylinder. Volty & Ixion were a great help as we looked for the problem

It had spark , fuel , . lots of head scratching. Then Les realised one of the inlet valves was not opening. A push rod had gone walkies. I had retorqued the head & reset the tappets during the week, obviously one of the tappet lock nuts was not tight enough.
We took Winston home & I had him fixed around midnight to be back at the track shite & briney next morning. So this is the joy of motor racing.

Sunday was trouble free but man are those top guys fast

Winston finished his first weekend of racing in one piece I was happy

Volty won a handicap race , he was fizzing

I had no expectations for Winston, I did not know what was inside the motor or if it would hold together for the weekend , so far so good
I now knew Winston was very slow, when bikes pass you on the inside & outside , you know you are slow. I also knew I was slow.
Puke was a baptism by fire, I don't like the track, I suspect I never will but it was a great weekend
I was hooked

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