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it really is strange - when you roll into a different country on a motorcycle you really feel vulnerable. Having only been to Mexico once, I felt pretty out of place but I had been assured by many that everything would be fine.

First things first - I needed to find the highway that would take us down to Rosarito Beach. Easy. Type in Rosarito into the GPS and hit GO.

after I hit go - I see something I've never seen from a GPS "Cannot Navigate". Well what the hell is the point of a GPS that doesn't help you with directions?! So we set off in the general direction and eventually found the highway and this started my hatred of my brand new Garmin Nuvi - piece of shit.

there was a nice highway that took us down to Rosarito. These small cube style living areas seemed to be all over the place.


we got down to Rosarito in no time....

when we got there we received quite a shock. The new Rosarito Beach Hotel looked like it was teleported from Vegas. Nothing in town is anywhere NEAR the size of this place.....

the rooms are nice though

the view is pretty good too....

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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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